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I'm Spass (aka malysps), a Linux user, FOSS enthusiast and casual gamer. This simple website is a place where I put my random stuff and links, mostly Linux related. It's my personal internet scrapbook. You probably won't find anything useful here, but feel free to look around. My contact information is on the bottom.

And here's my other Neocities website built for the Polish Xubuntu community:

Xfce themes

You can find all my published Xfwm themes (mostly ports and mods) here:

Links to some of my favourite GTK themes I often use: Adapta, Zukitre, Plano, Greybird, Arc, Qogir

Configuration and tweaks

Things I do after a fresh Xubuntu install and some other useful Xfce tricks.

Linux (Xubuntu) and Xfce specific:


Contact information

Jabber (XMPP):

You can also find me on some Xfce/Xubuntu related forums and IRC channels.