Mariusz Kubański (Spass)


Hello and welcome to my website. I'm Mariusz Kubański, my internet nickname is Spass. I'm a Linux / FOSS user and enthusiast. I'm an active member of the Linux community. Currently devoted to Xubuntu and Xfce. This simple website is a place where I put my random stuff and links, mostly Linux related. It's my personal internet scrapbook. You probably won't find anything useful here, but feel free to look around. My contact information is on the bottom.

This website was inspired by Chris Were. I'm using color palette from Adapta GTK theme.

My projects and activities

I'm a creator and administrator of the Polish Xubuntu community's website. I'm adding new content there from time to time, for example tutorials and user guides. Site's theme was inspired and modeled after the official Xubuntu website. Current URL:

I'm a member of the Xubuntu Website team, I'm also trying to help with QA and testing of the future Xubuntu releases.

I contribute to Xubuntu and Xfce by reporting bugs, making feature requests and suggestions, creating simple themes. You can find all my published Xfwm themes (mostly ports and mods) here:

Contact information and profiles

Jabber (XMPP):


You can also find me on some of the Xfce and Xubuntu related forums and IRC channels.